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Windoshow 2024: The Meeting Point of Innovation and Collaboration, Combining Forces with Seebbe Fair!

Windoshow, the largest trade event for the window, door, and glass industries in the Balkans, is joining forces with Southeast Europe's biggest construction fair, SEEBBE, concurrently held in Belgrade, Serbia, from April 22 to 25, 2024. Collaborating with the 48th edition of SEEBBE in 2024, Windoshow offers participants the opportunity to establish significant business connections with construction industry professionals and direct access to a broad and qualified audience. This strategic partnership between SEEBBE, the largest construction fair in the Balkans, and Windoshow, the fair for door, window, and glass equipment, creates a unique and impactful business platform in the region.

Why Belgrade/Serbia?

Serbia is a country that attracts attention with its geographical location and economic potential. Belgrade, serving as the trade center of the Balkans region, makes Windoshow's organization in this strategic city a valuable opportunity for participants to stay attuned to the pulse of regional trade and establish an extensive business network.

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What Does Windoshow Belgrade Fair Offer?

An International Platform:

Windoshow is an international fair for windows, doors, glass, and equipment, providing an ideal platform for participants who aim to stay abreast of global developments and innovations in the industry.

The Biggest Trade Event in the Balkans:

Belgrade is one of the largest trade centers in the Balkans. By being organized in this strategic location, Windoshow provides participants with the opportunity to reach potential customers in the region and establish business connections.

Concurrently Organized with SEEBBE:

Windoshow is organized concurrently with SEEBBE, the largest construction fair in Southeast Europe. This collaboration offers participants the opportunity to reach not only the audience interested in the window, door, and glass sectors but also those interested in the general construction industry.

Innovation and Technology Exhibition:

The fair showcases the latest technological developments and innovations in the industry, offering participants the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Innovative products and solutions can serve as a source of inspiration for visitors in shaping the future of the sector.

Business Connections and Networking Opportunities:

Windoshow provides participants with the opportunity to meet industry professionals, architects, contractors, and other industry leaders, fostering the chance to establish business connections. The fair opens doors to interaction with stakeholders in the sector and offers collaboration opportunities

Extensive and Qualified Visitor Base:

Windoshow hosts a broad and qualified visitor base, providing participants with a valuable opportunity to find potential customers and showcase their products to a wide audience.

25 Years of Experience

With the strength derived from 25 years of experience in the industry and the goal of creating a new fair that guides the global market, we present Windoshow. This fair provides the opportunity to establish commercial connections with leading manufacturers in the Balkans.