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Windoshow 2024: The Meeting Point of Innovation and Collaboration, Joining Forces with SEEBBE Fair!

Windoshow, the largest commercial event for the window, door, and glass industries in the Balkans, is taking place simultaneously with Southeast Europe's largest construction fair, SEEBBE, from April 22 to April 25, 2024, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Windoshow 2024 Fair Information

Date:22-25 April 2024
Location: Belgrade - Serbia
Venue: Belgrade Fair Center

Why You Should Visit WINDOSHOW 2024?

Potential in the Door, Window, and Glass Sectors in Belgrade

Windoshow 2024, joining forces with the SEEBBE Fair in Belgrade, unveils tremendous potential in the door, window, and glass sectors. This event, held in the shining star of Southeast Europe, Belgrade, brings together key decision-makers in the region's construction industry, offering participants unique business opportunities.

An Overview of the Balkans Market

The Balkans is a significant market experiencing dynamic growth and development in the construction materials sector. With construction materials imports surpassing 1.1 billion Euros, the region has become a major supplier and demand center in the construction industry. Construction activities in the region show notable vibrancy, as evidenced by more than 30,000 construction permits issued in 2020. This indicates an increase in construction projects and the momentum of new ventures. Intensive construction activity in the Balkans contributes to the rising demand for construction materials and contributes to the regional economy. The construction sector in the Balkans represents a diverse business volume with over 90,000 registered firms and entrepreneurs across more than 30 sectors. This highlights the diversity and potential of the construction sector in the region. The large number of registered entities in the sector not only enhances collaboration opportunities but also triggers competition. The construction sector in the Balkans has been noteworthy with an average annual growth rate of 9.5% since 2016. This impressive growth indicates strong economic stability and investment climate in the region. The consistent growth in the construction sector contributes to the increase in imports of construction materials and local construction activities.

25 Years of Experience in 25 Fair Organizations

Windoshow, fueled by its 25 years of experience in the door, window, and glass sectors and with the goal of creating a new fair that guides the global market, embarks on a journey. Taking place in Belgrade, the most coveted investment and production destination in the Balkans, Windoshow offers the opportunity to establish commercial connections with leading door, window, and glass manufacturers in a broad hinterland.