WindoShow 2025: The Summit of Innovation and Advancement!

International Window, Door, Glass, and Equipment Fair


"The largest B2B event in the Balkans."

WindoShow 2025 is stepping into a new era of innovation, collaboration, and boundary-breaking! Every year at WindoShow, we bring together the pioneers of technology and innovation. As the largest B2B event in the Balkans, WindoShow will take place in Belgrade, providing unique opportunities to create commercial connections with key decision-makers in the region's construction sector.
Poised to become the largest trade event in the window sector in the region, WindoShow offers an unparalleled opportunity to establish unique business connections with major decision-makers in the Balkan door, window, and glass sectors in the rising star of Southeast Europe, Belgrade.
Located in the heart of Southeast Europe, Belgrade stands out for its strategic location and burgeoning construction sector. The construction industry in the Balkans is growing at an annual rate of 5%, with investments in the region rapidly increasing. This makes WindoShow one of the most important events in the industry.
An unparalleled opportunity to follow the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the window, door, and glass sectors, and to meet with industry leaders. A unique chance to find the three main pillars of the construction industry - window, glass, and door companies - under one roof!
By participating in WindoShow 2025, don't miss the opportunity to open doors to innovation, collaboration, and limitless commercial possibilities. Be a part of this great gathering to strengthen your place in the industry and seize the opportunity to take your business forward.