Why Serbia? | Windoshow 2024

1. A Strong Presence on the International Stage: Windoshow provides an international platform to showcase the latest trends and technologies in the window, door, and glass industries. Participants have the opportunity to closely monitor global developments in the sector while promoting their products and services worldwide.
2. Trade Hub of the Balkans: BelgradeWindoshow takes place in Belgrade as the largest commercial event in the Balkans. This strategic location offers participants the chance to meet potential customers in the region and establish business connections.
3. Strong Collaboration with SEEBBE: Windoshow is held simultaneously with SEEBBE, the largest construction fair in Southeast Europe. This collaboration not only allows participants to reach an audience interested in the window, door, and glass industries but also provides access to those interested in the general construction sector. This strategic partnership offers participants the opportunity to build a broad business network.
4. Leadership in Innovation and Technology: Windoshow provides participants with the chance to gain a competitive advantage by showcasing the latest innovations and technological developments in the industry. Visitors have the opportunity to acquire valuable information from industry leaders through seminars and panels held during the fair.
5. Qualified Visitor Base: Windoshow, held in conjunction with SEEBBE, hosts a large and qualified visitor base. Professionals in the construction industry, architects, contractors, and industry leaders visit the fair as potential customers, creating valuable business opportunities for participants. 

6. Geographic Location: Serbia holds a strategic position in Southeast Europe. Situated in the Balkans region, Serbia shares borders with various countries. This geographic location can enhance regional interaction at the fair and provide participants with broader access to potential customers.
7. Economic Potential: Serbia attracts attention as a country with economic potential and growth. This allows companies participating in the fair to discover new business opportunities in this market and enhance their growth prospects.